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Efficiently Managing Manufacturer IFUs for Implantable Materials and Devices

Janet Maier, Clinical Advisor & QC/DD Manager, oneSOURCEJanet Maier, Clinical Advisor & QC/DD Manager, oneSOURCE

If you work in IFU sterile processing or on an Operating Room team, you need reliable, readily accessible instructions to provide important information about biological and nonbiological implants critical to patient safety.

Partnerships that Keep Patients Safe

Arguably, hospitals and their healthcare professionals and technicians are among the most important service providers in our world. Saving and preserving lives every day is in a service category all its own.

And hospitals, in turn, rely on incredible tools and equipment to work their miracles – surgical devices and biomedical equipment for example. Manufacturers of those items provide detailed guidelines to help ensure they’re maintained correctly and safely.

Their detailed directives include:

oneSOURCE’s Partnership with Medical Device Manufacturers

I’ve spent my career developing and promoting high standards and best practices related to medical device sterility. Recently, I’ve been advising the oneSOURCE Document Management Service team on how those issues relate to their manufacturer’s Instructions for Use (IFU) document database service. (oneSOURCE also offers similar services for biomedical equipment maintenance manuals as well as dental instrument and equipment IFUs).

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